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Our website is currently being developed.
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Our website is currently being developed.
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Construct Group Corp. was founded in July of 2001.  It’s founder, viagra buy drugstore Mr. Juan Carlos Quesada, is a State Certified General Contractor with over 18 years of experience in the South Florida construction industry.  Mr. Jorge I. Pulles joined the firm in February of 2002 as Vice-President.  Mr. Pulles’ assets include over 29 years of experience in the field of construction management and operations.

On April 28, 2007, Construct Group Corp. further intensified its focus on the heavy/bridge construction industry with the addition of Mr. Gustavo H. Graupera, State of Florida Registered Professional Engineer and Miami-Dade County Engineering Contractor with over 20 years of road and bridge construction experience.  Construct Group Corp. completes their assembly of the key ownership team with the acquisition of Gerald Chenevert on November of 2008, whose career has been dedicated to the construction of bridge foundation systems.

The combined years of experience in managing and constructing heavy/bridge construction projects by the principals of our firm have afforded CGC the insight of choosing the projects that have best suited our company’s expertise and allowed us a strong growth over the past years

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Construct Group Corp. has, since inception, focused its scope of work on heavy construction and road and bridge work.  Completed projects to date include bridges, buildings, both retaining and bearing walls, drainage structures and flatwork. These varied projects have ranged in contract value from under twenty thousand to over ten million dollars.

Construct Group has consistently maintained a high level of professionalism reflective in it’s relationships with both clients and suppliers.  This professional approach is evident as well in the company’s ability to successfully manage both “day-to day” operations and maintain a steady growth.  With a current workforce of over one hundred employees, Construct Group’s future asserts continued growth and stability.